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About Us

Independent law firm

Jonatansson & Co Legal is an independent Law Firm which is necessary in a small market as Iceland. It offers value added legal services to the corporate sector, organizations and private parties.

Our roots

The firm is founded by Mr. Hrobjartur Jonatansson LL.M., Supreme Court Attorney . Hrobjartur was previously a partner in AM Praxis Legal Services. AM Praxis was originally Sveinsson & Jonatansson, established in 1986 by the former Public Prosecutor, Mr. Jonatan Sveinsson and Mr. Hrobjartur Jonatansson. The firm operated under the name of Almenna Malflutningsstofan until 2001, when the name was changed to AM PRAXIS. In 1992 the firm merged with Jonsson & Associates, founded in 1941 by Mr. Baldvin Jonsson, former Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Iceland.AM Praxis has been dissolved by a joint decision of its partners.

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